Technology & AI

Revolutionary approach to the information era

Whisp is at the forefront of the fight against misinformation with
state-of-the-art technical breakthroughs. Our proprietary AI examines factual information, rather than simple 'signals' of misinformation.

Instant Results

Whisp delivers analysis of content, from claims to full-length articles, in a matter of seconds.

Industry-leading Accuracy

Our proprietary AI models and methodology score 1st globally for automated fact-checking.

Effortless Interface

Simply input the content you want to check and receive a verdict in seconds. It couldn't be simpler.

Trusted Globally

Whisp is recognised by industry leaders as a globally recognised fact-checking organisation.

Comprehensive Coverage

We fact check a vast range of topics and stories, from politics to science to history.

Full Transparency

Our fact-checking process is fully transparent, with detailed breakdowns behind each verdict.

Industry-Leading Accuracy

Global leader in fact-checking

Whisp's patent-pending methodology and deep learning models score 1st globally on the Fact Extraction and Verification (FEVER) benchmark.

21st Century Solutions

Content over context

Whisp examines digital content at its core, factual information. Unlike other approaches to misinformation, our proprietary AI examines the facts behind digital content, rather than looking for simple 'signals' of misinformation.

Our digital world has long moved past the era of fake news outlets, it's time that our solutions to misinformation evolve and address the issue at the source. Whisp is here.