Separating fact
from fiction

Whisp provides instant, AI-powered fact-checking empowering people and organisations to quickly and accurately verify claims, news articles, and other online information.

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What is whisp

Solving the issue of trust in the digital sphere


Transparency is the lifeblood of our work. Whisp offers free and open access to everyone,  anywhere, allowing users to check the credibility of articles and statements in seconds through whisp/public.


Go from preview to publish in seconds with unrivalled confidence in your reporting. whisp/enterprise empowers journalists and media organisations with real-time analysis of the facts that underpin your reporting.


Social networks and other user-generated content (UGC) platforms can leverage Whisp data to stop harmful and misleading content in its tracks. whisp/auto offers solutions for mission-critical applications.

Breakthrough ai

Facts at the forefront

Our proprietary¹ AI examines factual information, rather than simple 'signals' of misinformation. Whisp leverages state-of-the-art advances in machine learning and natural language processing to deliver fast, attributable facts in seconds.

Whisp ingests thousands of pieces of news content, extracting millions of factual claims, and analysing the validity of each to build detailed knowledge pools for the world's most pressing issues.

¹ US Nº PCT/IB2022/060498


Statements examined


Global rank for fact extraction and verification


Accuracy on FEVER dataset

Built to perform

Whisp is the world-leader in automated fact-checking (AFC) with state-of-the-art results on the FEVER benchmark, delivering factual analysis in seconds.

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