Get to know what drives us

About Whisp

We want to eradicate misinformation. That's our goal in a nutshell, it's a lofty one, but we're tirelessly committed to it.

Who we are

We're Whisp. We are a small team of dedicated experts working around the globe to build solutions to disinformation and misleading content. At Whisp, we are tirelessly committed to our goal of eradicating misinformation and giving users everywhere the tools they need to make more informed decisions online.

We believe that everyone deserves access to accurate information, and we are dedicated to making that a reality.

Our Mission

Our lives are now so intertwined with the digital world that it's sometimes difficult to separate the two. While that's brought billions of people closer together, it's also made our societies vulnerable to fake news and disinformation.

Misleading content isn't a threat that's going away on its own, and that's why we founded Whisp. It's our goal to make the digital world safer and more transparent for all.

We are a community of passionate humans building solutions to misinformation

Disinformation and misleading content have become hallmarks of the modern internet, we want to change that. We recognise the damaging effects of false information for individuals and societies across the globe, and Whisp is unwavering in our mission to eradicate it by providing everyone access to trustworthy content.